This will speed up the cycle of the line.


  • BE READY!   Get up to the step-in area to let others know your are going next. Don't sit down when you're next or stand 10 feet away. Every second counts for some of us and we hate to see lost time on GREEN.
  • DON'T BE A HOG!   Be courteous, surf time is 2 minutes and then try something new, even if you're a LOCAL.
  • BE PROMPT GETTING ON THE WAVE! Don't wait for the wave to be perfect.  It will GREEN if you surf it.  Our wave is no longer a perfect horizontal GREEN wave. If it is a closeout, find the next person in line that will go or a yaker.
  • KNOW YOUR PLACE IN THE LINE-UP.  Don't go just because someone waves you in.
  • TEACH NEWBIES. This in the end will speed up the line and keep them safe.‚Äč
  • KEEP AN EYE OUT. Watch the person in front of you. This will help you be ready and ensure safety.
  • BODYBOARDERS. Have a party with your friend and ride together.
  • WATCH YOUR LEASH. I saw someone lasso a Coffee bag of rocks and he took it down river.  We are lucky it released him.