Painful to say but injuries do happen here. Injuries tend to fall on the deep long-lasting side.  Injuries: Knee, deep hip or tailbone bruises, toe, Mallet finger, hand, laceration to head because of your board and tethered leash or by hitting the bottom (Don't wear a leash and this will not happen and protect you head when you fall.

The goal here is to minimize risk.  Exposing the injuries will reduce injuries.

Things to know and do:

  • Don't wear a leash.!  This will save your life from becoming entangled in something and reduce laceration.
  • Protect your head when falling especially when falling forward on the wave. Wear a helmet!  
  • After falling get you and your board to the eddy asap.  DON'T chase your board to the point where it makes you go over the falls (Crickets) downstream. If you do go over this, first ditch your board and go feet first.  If you have a leash, good luck.  

First off thanks needs to go out to the Bend Parks and Rec, Bend Taxpayers and the local Kayak club. THANKS!!!!

The GreenWave is a manmade river wave in downtown Bend, Oregon.  It is a small hip high wave that is created by the gravity of water and underwater Gates that are angled at different angles to form the wave.

The Surf Spot is good from April to September when the Wickiup reservoir releases its water that is has been stacking up all year for the local farmers.

​Recommended board size, 5 foot.  I have seen a 4'x24" and a 6' board rip it up.

Recommended board Type: Foam, Many people ride glass but they all now have new dings and missing fin boxes.


  • If you hit it at the right time you could ride one wave for an hour.
  • No sharks, stingrays or jellyfish
  • No 30 minute swells
  • No Tides, just the current
  • No more Black Ball Days!
  • Surf is always there from Apr to Sept
  • Warm water, July - Sept
  • ​FREE


  • You could die if you wear a leash.
  • No Sharks or Stingrays
  • The rocks and concrete are not forgiving.
  • The Vortex of Piece Spot.
  • Crickets hurts to go over. Don't case your board over it.
  • ​​​

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